Hebert David Thoreau's Life And Accomplishments

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6 Hebert David Thoreau: He was an American author, historian, poet, surveyor, transcendentalist and leading philosopher. His book “Walden”earned him fame. As opposed to the commonly-held belief that after weeding out the hardships of nature and bringing forth an ambience, where we are provided with all the comforts a universe has to offer, we can not be happy, Hebert emphasised on the need of simple living in Naturals surroundings. Real things ,that could provide us ever-lasting peace, can pan out in our favour only once we learn to live peacefully in the lap of Mother Nature.His essays, articles, poetry and journals total over 20 volumes. 7 Booker T.Washington: He was a renowned and noted American political educator, leader, author and orator.…show more content…
In US his “Blue-Backed Speller” books have been used for five generations to teach children English. He is also known as the father of the American Scholarship and Education. 9 Albert Einstein: A house-hold name that needs no introduction. His contribution in the field of physics is immense and he propounded many theories which application is found almost in all walks of life. Some of the theories he propounded include: • The founding of relativistic…show more content…
More than dearth of teaching skills, lack of willingness to learn new things proves detrimental for teachers. By keeping themselves abreast of the contemporary trends and aching for learning innovative ideas, teachers are able to draw students attention. Things go awry for teachers when they deliver lessons without trying to know if students are really interested to listen to them. All of a teachers efforts should be directed towards keeping the interests of students alive and catering to the needs and requirements of students. This is how you also stop panning your lessons based on your whimsical ideas. Haste makes waste so you need not to do hurry when it comes to finding out what exactly students want, only then you will be able to map ways to enhance their learning. After sizing up the teaching methodologies of legendary educators in the past, it can be safely concluded that there is no substitute to smarten up our teaching skills, if it is our innermost desire to students excel in their studies and build unshakeable personality. Playing loose and fast can cost dearly to the future of students – after attending your session they must know how to probe into a matter and how to think & imagine. This way, you do not confine students to only classroom learning but broaden their horizons spurring them to gain holistic

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