Hebrew Influence On Western Civilization Essay

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The first point that Hebrews exhibit all features of a civilization is after their Exodus from Egypt and rise in Jerusalem, in my opinion. Although the Hebrews did live in tribes and show pieces of civilizations beforehand, they had adopted aspects of the Mesopotamian civilization and did not fit into all categories for a civilization. The Hebrews needed to exhibit several things, on their own, and those things are: a writing system, complex government, job specialization, complex religion, art and architecture, rise in cities, public works, and finally social classes. To start, Moses helped them with religion and transformed them into a nation in the early 13th century, as well as, helped them believe in Yahweh, the one god. After Moses, the Hebrews had their first king, Saul, which can be assumed that at this point they had a complex government. With having a place to call their homeland,…show more content…
Their writing greatly influenced the Western civilizations because their language and writings influenced other civilizations to improve on it. Also, with their writing system, and the making of the Torah and Tanak, they were semi-able to record events and records that showed a sense of history to the future generations and civilizations. With their works, future civilizations began to record their history in different forms as well, like art, statues, and music. Another piece of the Hebrew civilization that could be considered up there with the writing system would be their complex government, but more so their laws of the land. Although their laws were based religiously, it paved a standing for basic laws for future Western civilizations to expand upon and implement. The laws stand as a basic understanding of right from wrong and allowed civilizations to keep the most peace among their people as they
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