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Afterlife of Hebrews. The Hebrew civilization was also known as Jews and this word comes from one of their ancient kingdoms known as Judah. The Hebrew religion is also known as Judaism. Judaism is considered by Jews to be the expression of the covenantal relationship God developed with the Children of Israel. This is one of the oldest religions on earth and Hebrews, Jews, and Israelites are all refer to the same people, the nation which sprang from Abraham through Isaac and Jacob. A nation promised and chosen by God in the Old Testament. Hebrews or Jews, till now are monotheistic which is worshipping one single God and it is forbidden to worship other gods. It is their believe also not to marry non-Jews. Jews worship in a temple or synagogue and their spiritual leaders are called rabbis. In Judaism, life is determined by breath, which is the life-giving spirit. Neshama, which is for both “breath and spirit” can only be given by God. This is written in the Torah that "God blew the breath of life into Adam" (Genesis 2:7). The Zohar, also is the central text of Kabbalah, says that the soul is comprised of three parts. There are three levels that comprise the soul, nefesh, ruah, and neshamah. Nefesh is the lowest of all. Ruah is the sustenance, which actually rules…show more content…
They are considered to be a violation of the soul. It is Jewish tradition to bury the dead immediately. If it is not possible to have the burial the same day, then it should not be done more than three days after death. It was believed that it takes the soul three days to transition from death to the afterlife. Kabbalah teaches that the soul will linger until the burial and then move on, though it is not made clear how that happens or where the soul goes. In accordance with Jewish law, the body is to be buried in a plain pine box, and the Kaddish prayer is recited by family members at the gravesite. The family then sits in mourning, called “shiva,” for seven

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