Hecht's Poem: Travel Through The Woods

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My first impression of Hecht’s poem was halfhearted. I didn’t quite grasp what her boldness was for, at first, she sounded almost envious of his creative poem. I read it like she was practically mocking him, as if Hecht is poking fun at Frost for his "perfect" depiction of traveling through the woods at night. I didn’t sense any respect the first time. It wasn’t until the tenth or so time I read it I finally grasped that she was elaborating on his silent views but through her intense feelings. There was a great emphasis of silence in both(line 11) and (line 12) “The only other sound’s the sweep “ “Of easy wind and downy flake.” (line 6 and line 7)“…The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, they fill with a quiet snow..” Hecht almost did an almost
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