Hector And Achilles: Definition Of An Epic Hero

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They are many ways to define an a epic hero. An epic hero has characteristic like significant and glorified, is ethical and morally upright, has superior strength, intelligence, and or courage, is a strong and responsible leader and much more. These characteristics define two men who are Hector and Achilles. The two men are example of an epic hero. The better epic hero is hector because he had significant and glorified by the people. Also he was a strong and responsible leader. He led the army to fight the Greeks because he did want to disappoint his father and to have peace for his country. Hector risk his life for his country in the end his life ended in big tragically for the country of Troy because Achilles killed him. Achilles was a epic hero too but, Hector had more character than Achilles because even though he had the same characteristic as Hector. Achilles did not fight for his country. He fight for his own that is a bit different from Hector. Achilles had his arm. The men who follow him to the battle with Achilles.…show more content…
Hector is the hero from troy and in Greece the hero is Achilles. Hector and Achilles fit the characteristics for the epic hero and they are. Both men know that they will someday that they will die in battle. Even though they had their differences and they were enemies they were both an epic hero in their own country. In addition, these are some characteristic to defined a epic hero between Hector and Achilles because they are both an epic hero but, mostly Hector he fits most on the characteristics of the epic hero. Hector was a brave man that did for his
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