Hector As An Epic Hero

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The Epic Hero Hector

Hector and Achilles were two great epic heroes. Both greatly defined the definition of an epic hero. Yet, one man stood out as the better of the two epic heroes. Hector. Hector is the greater epic hero because he is ethical and morally upright, he is extremely courageous, and he also shows communal ethos.

Hector was an extremely respectful man. He was respectful the entire time, unlike Achilles who became a better person at the end. Hector duals with Patroclus, who is wearing Achilles armor and defeats him. He then takes the armor to show respect. "But nearly all was covered by the bronze gear that he took from slain Patroclus" (Homer). Hector then gave back the body without violating it, so that they could give him a proper ceremony. Later on, Hector gets into a fight with Achilles and he promises that if he wins, he will respect the body and return it. "I'll not insult your corpse should Zeus allow me victory in the end..." (Homer). Those two examples are reasons why Hector was ethical and morally upright.
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He led many battles, and fought bravely. He even broke the pact by defending his brother Paris from being killed (Troy). Hector then did the bravest of all deeds. He took on the great Achilles knowing that it was certain death. "I would not die without delivering a stroke" (Homer). Hector knows that he shall fall, but he fights Achilles any ways. That truly proves that Hector was an extremely courageous
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