Hector Berlioz: An Interesting Composer

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Hector Berlioz Hector Berlioz was an interesting composer. He was born on December 11th, 1803 and passed away on March 8th, 1869. Berlioz was a french composer who liked to write about romantic things. His most famous compositions are Symphonie fantastique and also Grande messe des morts. He made amazing contributions to the modern orchestra with his “Treatise on Instrumentation.” Hector was also known to conduct multiple concerts with more than 1,000 musicians. He ended up composing about 50 songs throughout his life. In Hector’s early years, he always looked up to his father because he was a respected provincial physician and scholar. His father was known for experimenting with and recording the use of acupuncture in Europe. Berlioz had
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