Hector Berlioz Symphony Fantastique

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This summary contains two videos that will be analyzed in the next section:
In the first video the composer Hector Berlioz is mentioned as well as his Symphony Fantastique. The symphony was inspired on the legend of Faust; it tells the story of a man that sold his soul to the devil in return for both knowledge and earthly pleasure. At the 7:00 mark “La traviata” is mentioned, which was an opera that talked about a love affair climaxing in a tragic death. The composer of this piece was Giuseppe Verdi, but it was not the only opera he composed, in fact they were 28 operas starting with Nabucco (1842) and ending up with Falstaff (1893) a half a century later. Franz Liszt is a composer and piano master discussed at 12:15. There are 6 innovations
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“Serial thriller:” A melody that used the 12 bar system without repeating any note. (Western scale)
. “I can’t get no self-determination:” It’s related with nationalism and how he took inspiration from his natal country to create music.
After Liszt innovations, the concepts of augmented and diminished chord are explained. Chords that are stretched are known as augmented chords, and chords that are squashed are known as diminished chords. These two types of triads are used to give a listener as sense of nervousness, anxiety, and uncertainty.

In the second video the composer Erick Satie in mentioned and his remarkable Gymnopedie. This music was intended to debunk pomposity and declutter French music. Later at the 7:50 mark another composer appeared: Gustav Mahler. The symphony exposed in the video is: Symphony no.4. He was inspired by the sounds, rhythms and the noisy diversity of east European communities, folklore music from his small town in childhood, and last but not least the klezmer style of strolling Jewish folk
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