Hector Epic Hero Characteristics

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An epic hero is someone in history as being brave, courage, and heroic. The book Mythology by Edith Hamilton. In the Trojan war the best epic hero between Achilles and Hector is Hector. Some of Hector epic hero characteristics are ethically and morally noble, performs courageous deeds, and faces enormous obstacles.
The first characteristic he is ethically and morally noble. Hector is strong and brave to fight for his people. Andromache cried,"you who are father and mother and brother unto me as well as husband, stay here with us. Do not make me a widow and your child an orphan(Hamilton 194)." Hector chooses to go to war, even though his wife and son beg him to stay.
Next characteristic is that he performs courageous deeds. Hector risked his life to fight in war. "Once again on the battlefield, he was eager for the fight, and better fortune for a time lay before him(Hamilton 194)." Hector leads his army to protect Troy.
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Hector fights other warriors before he fights Achilles. Hector thoughts,"I led the Trojans. Their defeat is my fault. Then am I to spare myself?(Hamilton 198)." Hector killed Achilles cousin thinking it was Achilles, so he had to face Achilles in a fight knowing he would lose.
In conclusion Hector is the best epic hero than Achilles. It showed his bravery by leading his army, and fighting for his
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