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Hector Zaroni is my name I may be a downright liar, shy and illiterate not completely but trust me I have my reasons. When I was born my parents named me Hector Zaroni at a early age I realized my life was on the road to misery and despair, during this time my mother abandoned or possibly may have lost me that’s when I knew for sure different my life would be different. At the age were children are meant to go to school and learn I was stealing to make a life. I didn’t know how to read although I had a feeling that I had a bit of intellectual capacity in me. Eventually all that stealing caught up to me and I was sent to Camp GreenLake, which is made on, dry barren land. The outfits were orange jumpsuits and yellow socks, which is definitely not my colour. My lesson there was far from taught…show more content…
After a few days he had totally had it. As soon as he told me his crime and how he was falsely accused, feelings of pure terror and guilt ran through my body like a gushing waterfall. Now Stanley was one of the few miracle campers or most commonly known as prisoners. He was literate, now I knew that I have an ability to do mathematics somehow I just understand it. The music of math’s plays harmoniously in my mind, but honestly reading and writing, not so much my forte. So one day while we were in our tents, I went up to Stanley and asked him if he could teach me to read and write, he refused many times but I was adamant, I was literally begging on my knees and after seeing how desperate I was he agreed. So now we had made a deal. I would dig his hole one hour a day and he would teach me English for 1 hour a day, through this Stanley and I formed a very close bond we became friends. While at camp green lake I also discover this delicious thing called Sploosh it tastes like peaches can you believe
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