Hector's Family In The Iliad

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In the time of the Greeks and Romans honor was of significant value. In the Iliad, one can see that military honor was crucial in Hector’s actions. The love of family is strong in Hector's life. However, the desire of having a good reputation and being courageous and admiration was stronger. The Greeks, Romans, and gods all value different things in the family aspects. War is not unexpected; however, it has a tragic effect on the families who have loved ones' fight and died in the battle. One such family is Hektor's family. Hektor was both the prince of Troy and a warrior. He loved his family very much. As not only a prince but as a Trojan, his desire of being heroic was a crucial value. Hector also had other desires including the desire of having a good reputation, admiration and success in battle. Hector was a human, so he also had times of being prideful and fearful. One of the scenes from the Iliad where Hector showed love is the scene his wife started having fear for the family for when Hector died. Hector went home to see his wife while they had a break from the war. He found that his wife had headed for the wall where the fighting was to try and find him as she was very upset and she had taken the baby with her.…show more content…
Hektor dies at the hands of Achilleus. After Achilleus kills Hektor he maltreats his body and drags it through the streets; Achilleus isn’t willing to receive ransom for his body. Once Hektor's family found out about his death, they experienced extreme grief. Andromache, Hektor's wife, Hekabe, Hektor’s mother, and Helen, Hektor’s friend, start grieving the death of Hektor. Andromache grieves how hard her and her son, Astyanax, lives will be now that Hektor is dead and that she wished for more intimacy the final days she had with him. Hekabe mourns the death of her son. Helen admires the friendship she had with Hektor and that he befriended her especially when other people would
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