Hedonic Value In Shopping

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1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background The purpose of this research is to help retailers to know more about the consumer behavior, value of customer, and shopping motivation in order to help the retailers to be more efficient. This research will be focusing on shopping motivation, which is hedonic or utilitarian values. If the retailer are able to understand customers mind, retailers are able to understand the multiply of motives for shopping and this research will help the retailer to recommend some options for marketing strategy for retailers in Indonesia. Indonesia’s retail landscape are currently having a great change as more and more modern outlets developing to replace wet markets and independent small shops. Indonesian consumers have a high confidence in shopping. Their middle class keep expanding rapidly and the rising of personal incomes have made their personal consumption is one of the most important component of the country’s economy and attract a lot of international retailers to come and invest in Indonesia. In Indonesia, they have a lot of banks and they like to have partnerships between each other. Banks often offer the retail sectors an incentives and consumer credit help to stimulate spending. While cost…show more content…
Entertainment and traveling around in the shopping mall are considered some of the contribution to hedonic value. Hedonic value in Indonesia has been well recognize by some of the retailers in Indonesia. Hedonic value in Indonesia, could be recognize by visiting some of Indonesian shopping malls such as Taman Anggrek Mall, Grand Indonesia Mall, Central Park Mall in Jakarta and in Surabaya such as Tunjungan Plaza, Galaxy Mall, Ciputra World, etc. Some of the mall that knows the importance of hedonic value in Indonesia offering a lot of entertainment or experience to make sure all the consumers feel enjoy and happy when visiting the shopping

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