Hedonism And Satanism In Hotel California

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The Eagles ' greatest hit of all, Hotel California, was already at its prime in its first week, selling 32 million copies. The song 's unique lyrics had the whole world thinking of its true meaning. Was it really based on Hedonism and Satanism? Or a reflection of the band itself? An interview in the television program, 60 Minutes, Don Henley states, "It means different things to different people. The song is created in its own mythology ... but the song is simply about a journey from innocence to experience, and on the hole, that 's what it 's about." Before digging into the song, let me summarize it for you. The story starts with the narrator, tired from a long journey on a dark desert highway. The night is cool and he passes by “desert flowers.” Feeling drowsy, he drags his feet on the sands then sees a light in the distance leading to the “Hotel California.” A woman greets him at the door. He is not sure what to think of this hotel, however as soon as he enters, he starts to hear voices chorus about how lovely the place is, and sings there is room all year round. The woman is a rich dancing queen with many beautiful friends. The narrator orders his wine from the “Captain,” who comments that the narrator has brought a spirit from 1969. The speaker loses consciousness from drinking, most likely brought back to his room and when he comes to, he hears the voices again singing about the Hotel California. The voices mention to “bring your alibis.” This suggests that the
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