Hedonism In The Experience Machine

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Hedonism is the different theories about what is good for humans, what motivate us to behave and how we should do it, all of the hedonistic theories catalog pleasure and pain as the most important element of the life of a human being. Hedonists states that all the pleasure you can feel as a human, is intrinsically valuable and pain is intrinsically not valuable, by intrinsically we mean essential, necessary. the Pleasure Machine most known as The Experience machine is a thoughtful experiment proposed by Robert Nozick in his book Anarchy, State and Utopia (1974), that propose humans to imagine a machine that can give you whatever you can desire or unlimited pleasure experiences and then asks you which one would you choose whether your real life or get plugged-in on the machine. This experiment may seem as a good option for any human considering the actual situation of the world and each person problems, and it makes sense: no problems, unhappiness or injustice. I would never enter the Nozick’s Experience Machine nor any human should, for certain reasons such as: Doing things rather than experience them, We want to be someone, and it limits us to what we can make.

As humans, there are thing we want to achieve to feel the fullest of life. Every single human in this world want to do certain things and not just have the experience of them , such as said in the Nozick’s book. And you can easily discuss that you can do everything you want in the experience machine and be as
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