Hegel Rousseau And Helevictus Analysis

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INTRODUCTION In this essay I am going to provide a brief but detailed account of Hegel, Fichte, Rousseau and Helevictus. Lastly, discuss the similarities or differences between this theorists. However, All those theorists have been exploring how as human being exist, how we attain freedom as individuals in our society, but those theorists have not succeeded to give proper understanding. We as human being still looking for certainty whether we free or not, it’s of course a close concern to everybody. Firstly Helevictus believe that there is one system, morality and freedom. He argues that there is one system and one rule. He said the man “seek pleasure and avoid pain”, that is how we are. We are selfish being. Man is not good but we can merely be changed by society that we live in. If the man get what he wants he will be much contented and honest, we all do things that makes us happy and be virtious. We find pleasure from government and laws, you just follow the rules of government because if you break the law you will be unhappy Furthermore, Helevictus goes on to say man is self –interested. We are looking out for ourselves and also at the same time man can’t survive alone he needs to interact with others. A man want happiness for himself which is considered to be his freedom, but Helevictus made it clear that for man to be able to achieve and be happy he should rely on government’s rules and laws that teaches him what is

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