The Stonehenge Theory

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Imagine exploring a new country and coming across huge stones placed perfectly in a circle. Stones that weigh around 50 tons and placed side by side and on top of each other. This place actually exist and is called Stonehenge. It has been a mystery every since the discovery. Archaeologists have determined that the site dates back to around 3100 BC. This is an era before written records were kept so nobody really knows how or why the stones got there. This essay will only be focusing on two theories that seem to make the most sense. So many theories exist, from a Wizard named Merlin to the theory that aliens moved these 50 ton stones into place. These seem crazy but again that is what is so interesting about Stonehenge because everything…show more content…
In this theory, the majority of the heavy moving was completed by the glaciers instead of humans. (Cohen ) ¨ The globe is dotted with giant rocks known as glacial erratics that were carried over long distances by moving ice floes.¨ (Cohen ) Furthermore, Dr. Brian John, an Archaeologist, had traced pieces of debris back to half a million years ago which would go along with the glacier movement. (¨Glaciers moved Stonehenge from Wales to Wiltshire, not ancient people, Welsh researchers claim¨) Dr. John has also stated that the glaciers created the placement of these stones without any human involvement (¨Archaeologists suggest that Stonehenge was moved by glaciers-not humans¨). Stonehenge will probably always remain a mystery. Hopefully as new technology develops, archaeologist will be able to finally piece together the mysteries of it. Although we may never know if Stonehenge exist because of ancient men rolling 50 tons of stones or because of glaciers movement, I think we can all agree it is just a place that makes you stop in awe. And who knows, maybe all these theories are wrong and maybe Stonehenge exist because of
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