Hege's Theory: The Mystery Of Stonehenge

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Imagine exploring a new country and coming across huge stones placed perfectly in a circle. Stones that weigh around 50 tons and placed side by side and on top of each other. This place actually exist and is called Stonehenge. It has been a mystery every since the discovery. Archaeologists have determined that the site dates back to around 3100 BC. This is an era before written records were kept so nobody really knows how or why the stones got there. This essay will only be focusing on two theories that seem to make the most sense. So many theories exist, from a Wizard named Merlin to the theory that aliens moved these 50 ton stones into place. These seem crazy but again that is what is so interesting about Stonehenge because everything is based on theories. Although Stonehenge might remain one of the biggest mystery of all time, the theories that the ancient builders or glaciers moved the stones seems to make the most sense. First, a little background into the mysteries of Stonehenge that will help provide insight to the two many theories this essay will discuss. The main mysteries include who came up with the idea to make Stonehenge, where did these stones come from, how much do they weigh and when was Stonehenge built. These mysteries are slowly being answered as technology improves. The stones at Stonehenge are bluestones and believed to come from Wales. These stones weigh more than 50 tons(Netzley 1). In addition, glaciers froze over the stones and brought

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