Heidegger's Concept Of Extensio-Expression In The Field Of History

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The above diagram reflects Heidegger’s idea that sky and god are the permanent beings but the earth and mortals have the power to change with time and thus form a temporary place. The Sky and God are ideas that always remain same irrespective of changes in the world affairs but Earth and Mortals have the capacity to alter with time and adapt themselves according to the prevailing situations and experiences. Concept of Extensio- extension Heidegger also states the concept of extensio- extension. Extensio- extension is a concept which talks about the infinite possibilities of tangible as well as intangible commodities in life. Eg. A table which is a structure that holds things, or is an arrangement, according to Heidegger’s concept of extensio- extension has emotional, sentimental value and should be seen more than an object in terms of space as well. Heidegger and heritage Martin Heidegger’s concept of building, dwelling, thinking is an important study in the field of heritage studies. It allows the reader (researcher) to accept, view, fell the physical heritage structure and consider it more than a construct. It allows the researcher to connect to the subject (heritage site) emotionally. This might seem abstract and ambiguous to a visitor or a traveller but to an art

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