The Argument On Heidegger's Being-In-The-World

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According to Heidegger, there are 2 modes of existence which are authentic and inauthentic existence. An example for authentic existence is when you realize that you are choosing a life style of your own . While for inauthentic existence, an example would be when you simply fulfil a pre-designed role in your family or society1.
Heidegger’s main argument on his book “Being and Time” is to raise the issue of being which he referred to as “Dasein”. According to Roy Hornsby, “Heidegger postulated that the world ‘is’, and that this fact is naturally the primordial phenomenon and the basis of all ontological inquiry. That the world is here, now, and everywhere around us.” The question about Heidegger’s Being-in-the-World leads us to Heidegger 's notions, mineness and authenticity. Mineness, in connection with Being-in-the-World, is our individual uniqueness of our existence in this world. It is our own individual notion of I am because I am. Miness is our understanding that I am a unique individual in the faculties of my mind, body, and my capacity. Miness is our notion of differentiating ourselves to everyone else. Heidegger main
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In some circumstances, we are forced to accept to live an inauthentic life, a life that does not have the luxury to choose what we want to do.
In conclusion, the answer to the question of what Heidegger means by our Being-in-this-World can be explained through Heidegger 's notion of mineness and authenticity. That people must first realize that they are unique and together, in this uniqueness, fight for their own freedoms, live their own authentic lives together in a way that discloses the meaning of Dasein and to make progress until we answer one of life’s fundamental question, “Who am
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