Heidegger's Theory Of Freedom Analysis

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For the subsequent chapter, I would then tackle the existentialist concepts of Heidegger, dealing with, as we said previously on Freedom, Anxiety and Authenticity. This is of course is to be taken and discussed keeping in mind man. An overview of Heidegger’s notion of freedom is that, he thinks that man is free, in relation to the care structure. The care structure deals with three concepts which is facticity, falleness and existentiality. Facticity deals with what he called ‘throwness’. Man is thrown into this world, into the specific place he lives, specific norms he’s born to, all the things he was given, these are the things that man cannot change about himself. These are the givens of life. So how is man free despite being just thrown…show more content…
First we would clarify what is Industrial Society as Kaczynski used the term. We would list all the stipulates of what constitutes this Industrial Society, that is in order to set the parameters of what makes up the Industrial Society and what does not. The thesis would then discuss the problems, namely: the problems of the leftist psychology, the problem of over socialization, the problem of technology in general and the problem of freedom. We would follow the pattern that Kaczynski had presented the problems in his work The Industrial Society and its Future. In the first part, of leftist psychology, I would of course elaborate what is ‘leftist’ for Kaczynski. It is important to note that Kaczynski used the term ‘leftist’ as an umbrella term that encapsulate all rigid modes of thinking that imbued a sense of exclusivity. He considered leftist mode of thinking the feminist movement, the environmentalist movement and so forth, all of which would be discussed in the body of this thesis. The problem of over socialization is next. The over socialization Kaczynski points out is the norms that is instilled in the society we have today that suppress the natural desire of men. This over socialization, according to Kaczynski, ‘can lead to low self- esteem, a sense of powerlessness, defeatism, guilt, etc.’ (1996, para. 26) Following this, would be an elucidation of the problems as caused by technology, for according to Kaczynski, “…GENERALLY SPEAKING the kind of problems that we have listed…were far less common among primitive peoples than they are in modern society.” (1996, para. 45) He claims that the problems of modern society are aggravated or caused by technology. Further elaboration would be presented in the bulk of this research. Succeeding the elucidation on problems of technology is the problem of freedom. “It is not possible to
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