Why Is Slacktivism Effective

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Slacktivism and its Effectiveness What is slacktivism? Slacktivism is a new way to be a social activist at the tip of your fingers. Some might refer to this sort of activism as "chair-activism". For this reason, people are now using social media websites to be "activists". Heidi Schlumpf argues in her essay, "Slacktivism" Makes the World a Better Place from the Couch', that slacktivism is better than no activism at all and that it actually does help make a difference. Does it really? If activism requires action, then are slacktivists really helping to make a difference? And is slacktivism effective? No it is not, and here is why: Firstly, it is true that slacktivism can help spread awareness and is a good kickstart to help a cause. However, awareness is…show more content…
"While slacktivism can inspire discourse on important issues, it often does not lead to conversation on how to take further steps of support." states Gabriella Corvese in her essay, 'Putting Action Back in Activism'. This statement puts perspective on the slacktivist issue because it makes you question the effectiveness that it has over people. Does slacktivism help beyond spreading word? It may at times, but most of the time people are not doing anything more than clicking a 'like' button or going out to actually do something about it. So, in order for change to happen actions must be made. More needs to be done than simply liking a Facebook status, or tweeting something out. What really counts and what is going to make a difference is what people do off their phones, or computers. In an article on the Daily Telegraph writer Emma Barnett expresses her worry of the slacktivist movement,
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