Heineken Economic Environment Summary

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This Assignment is going to be about Heineken, a Dutch beer Company that is famous around the World. I will describe how this company is running worldwide, and where their facilities are. Ill explain how everything work’s with in the Company and how they operate.


The economic environment.

I am going to explain how the economical environment in the Netherlands and the United States currently is, and how it affects Heineken. We all know the economic crash in 2008 that right there had a huge impact on the world economical, almost every country suffered because of the economic crash. Also Beer producers suffered from this because the first thing a man does when his salary is going down are to go to a cheaper solution. That cheaper solution takes out not that well for a Beer producer of high standards. The country’s that had suffered, worked hard to get on there feet again. Now days the economical environment in the Netherlands is slowly getting back up again Thankfully. The reason for all this is because of Germany, you may ask why is that? Its very simple Germany is one of the countries that almost 65% of our entire international is export too. This helps the Netherlands to get back up. It’s not going fast so let’s hope for the best and lets say patient is key. The economical environment in the United States is going well nowadays. It’s currently better as it is in the Netherlands, the reason for all this is because the tourism has increased

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