Exchange Rate In Thailand Essay

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Exchange rate in Thailand compared to other currencies has been on the turbulent journey of increase and decreased values the dollar is currently trading at $1 equals to 30 baht from more than 35 in 2014 to less than 30 in 2016. Social: Thailand most populated cities are Bangkok, with a population of about 12 million, followed by Nonthaburi and Pak Kret, with populations close to 12 million. People migrate from rural towns to major cities due to their accessibility to jobs as most companies are based there. Ethnicity is Thailand is predominantly Thai but they are other minority group such the Han Chinese which comprise of 15% of the population. Thai language is spoken and English is taught as a second language in schools.95% of the Thai population is Buddhist and the other 5% is either Muslim or Christian. Demography Thailand has a…show more content…
Therefore, every brand is trying to gain more customer loyalty and building their brand to be stand out of the crowd. However, the advertising of alcohol product is strictly prohibited in the media except some occasional period. These brands are finding the new way to create awareness by appearing in sport competition and concert. Chang Beer also did this strategy by being a sponsor of Everton football club. Apart from pricing and awareness, customers are also value the taste, promotion, and health. Chang is succeeded in building customer loyalty towards its classic recipe according to the prove of relaunching Chang Classic making its profit rose. Apart from individual customers from its beer café, ThaiBev does not own the retail shop. ThaiBev also rhas the big customers like wholesale shop, retail shop, and department store. Most of their products are ship to wholesales, department store, and retail shop such as 7Eleven, Tesco Lotus, etc. By this, they were force to sales the products cheaper. Therefore, the bargaining power of buyer for ThaiBev is extremely high.

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