Heinrich Domino Theory: Heinrich Domino Theory

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Heinrich Domino Theory is an “event based” or sequential accident which is causation of model explain series of event that happen in a certain order which product to an injury. Heinrich Domino Theory mainly according to 5 to sequences which is social environment, fault of the person, unsafe act or condition, accident and injury. An unexpected events or mishap might results sequences of events which lead to an accident and resulting an injury to a person. This domino theory sequences result of a single root cause.In the same way that the removal of a single domino in the row would interrupt the sequence of toppling, Heinrich suggested that removal of one of the factors would prevent the accident and resultant injury; with the key domino to be removed from the sequence being number 3. One downside to this theory is the fact that Heinrich provided no data for his theory and data analysis of accidents indicate that the percentages provided by Heinrich vary greatly across industries and occupations. Today, the safety profession does not promote Heinrich 's accident causation theory as being valid. However, it represents a starting point for the evolution of accident causation theories. OUESTION 2 : Safety means accident prevention. No where is this more important that in the road accidents. An accident is an unplanned event due to the failure of people, equipment, supplies or surroundings. Accident investigation can help dictate how and why the failure happened. What is
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