Heinrich Himmler: Nazi Leader

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Heinrich Himmler was a military commander, he was Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel, and was second in command next to Adolf Hitler (Wistrich). His life was full of harsh assumptions that everyone that was not a German was an enemy. He believed in the complete annihilation of Jews and other racial impurities from the world. Himmler had a key role in the security of the Nazi Empire and the overall plan of the “Final Solution”, the mass murder of all the Jews in Europe (“1939: The War Against The Jews”). He is the most directly responsible person for the beginning of the Holocaust because of his fascinating idea of a super race (“Heinrich Himmler”). Heinrich Himmler was no ordinary Nazi leader; he was the cruelest individual that planned…show more content…
Because of the revolt, Himmler created a Security Service organization that would monitor outside threats to the Nazi party. This organization was the sole political intelligence gathering and examining agency of the Third Reich (“Heinrich Himmler”). On the last day of 1931, Himmler introduced the SS Bridal Schools of Marriage, this school would review the applications of SS men wanting to marry. The school then would pair the man up with the perfect woman so that the child would be a pure German, blond hair and blue eyes. This school was used to keep racial purity throughout the SS so when wartime came around they could determine someone a German or not (Kochan…show more content…
In addition, Himmler understand the power of police and their ability to sway people's minds. He was able to persuade it Hitler to allow the police force and SS to join knowing that it would allow the Nazi party to achieve their long term goal, also known as the “Final Solution” (“Heinrich Himmler”). The “Final Solution” was a plan devised by Himmler himself to eliminate all the Jews from Europe and gain racial supremacy (“Himmler, Heinrich” 90). On October 4, 1943 in Poznan Himmler gave a speech in front of high ranking SS Generals. During the speech he was quoted
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