Heinrich Schliemann's Mistake In 'Lost Cities, Lost Treasure'

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Mistakes most definitely are a key part in making discoveries. Without a mistake made, there is no way to tell if you did something correctly, and no way to prevent that same mistake from happening again in the process of innovation and discovery.
In the story, “Lost Cities, Lost Treasure”, Heinrich Schliemann made the mistake of digging up the remains of Troy. The author of this story stated that Schliemann “erased important clues to Troy’s past” by digging everything up. He pulled out important artifacts that could’ve been used in later discoveries by scientists to find out more important and valuable information. Schliemann’s stubbornness and need to do things his own way caused him to make a careless mistake. But, he did find ancient axes, jewels, and household items during his process of mistake. This wrong action of digging up Troy lead Schliemann to make an amazing discovery, which concluded that the city of Troy was a real place long ago.
In the story, “How a Melted Bar of Chocolate Changed Our Kitchens”, it very much showed how making a mistake could possibly lead to an amazing discovery. One day, Percy Spencer was standing next to a Magnetron that he had created earlier, and noticed an unusual heat by it. He noticed that his chocolate bar had melted, so he decided to try something else. He placed
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It is hard to think of an inventor that has never once messed up while trying to create a product. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. Everybody makes mistakes, and even the smartest and wisest scientists make mistakes. “We learn wisdom and failure much more than from success. We often discover what will do by finding out what will not do; and probably he who never made a mistake never made a discovery,” said Samuel Smiles, a 19th century scottish author. “Love truth, but pardon error,” quoted another author, Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire, who was also a
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