Heinz Field Observation Report

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Pittsburgh holds a special place in my heart. I can still see the cars and busses whizzing by as I waited to cross the street, the smell of Primanti Bros still lingering in the air. I see the the cloudless blue sky in a warm day in May. I still remember the harmonies bouncing off the walls as the York County Honors Choir sang our hearts out in the building, with the music growing, almost as if the entire city was singing along with us. The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair reintroduced me to Pittsburgh. While most cities shake your hand curtly and go on in their merry way, Pittsburgh gave me a warm embrace and asked me to stay. That was the most exciting week of my life, between getting the opportunity to converse with a Nobel Laureate and hearing my name announced for the fourth place award for my project to visiting the amazing Heinz Field, the stadium the Panthers call home. That visit merely confirmed my earlier notions, bringing back the same emotions that were cultivated in the acoustic grandeur of Heinz Chapel. It was with reluctance that I left to…show more content…
My expectations was blown away by an extremely diverse student body who all exemplified the caring nature of the city, greeting me as I walked through the Cathedral of Learning. My fascination with the school continued to grow as I learned about the diversity of the campus, with 1 in 4 students at the campus being of a different ethnicity than Americans. The university presents an opportunity to communicate with people from different culture, which helps to build a deeper understanding of the world. It wasn 't just a diverse populace, as the students were active in promoting their culture through clubs and extracurriculars. It was inspiring to see so many students who were willing to share their various cultures proudly and be accepted for
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