Heist Society Character Analysis

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The Heist Society series is a set of young adult novels by Ally Carter real name Sarah Leigh Fogleman, an author who has made a name for writing several bestselling adult and young adult fiction. The first novel in the Heist Society series was the aptly title Heist Society that was first published in 2010 to much critical acclaim and commercial success.

The lead character in the Heist Society series is Katarina Bishop the daughter of the late Nadia and Bobby Bishop. Katarina has always been in the company of criminals since she was young when she would assist cons in their nefarious plots. However, when she turns fifteen she starts resenting her life in crime and goes to a private school called Colgan in New England, where she hopes she can
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When she was a teenager, she used her conman ship to get into one of the best private boarding schools in the country to escape from her weird family. But leaving the family business behind proved harder than she thought it would. When Hale offers her a chance to be part of a plan to recover a priceless art collection stolen from a mobster, she cannot resist the temptation.

Katarina’s father who is the only expert knowledgeable enough to have carried out such a successful job now finds himself caught between the mobster and Interpol. Kat never thought her skills would ever come in handy until she knows that she has to find and recover the paintings to get her father off the hook. What follows is a gripping narrative that is so popular that it is to be made into a movie by the same name.

The Heist Society series of novel has made the shortlist for several awards and won several others. Heist Society was nominated for the 2011 Florida Teens Read, and the 2010 Teens Top 10 Finalist. It has won the 2010 North Carolina Book Award Booklist, and the YALSA Teens Top Ten Book

Heist Society the first novel in the series is to be adapted into a movie by Lionsgate, and will be produced by Max Handelman and Elizabeth Banks who worked on Pitch
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