Hela Tissue Analysis

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The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks has raised ethical issues in the exploration of the origin of HeLa and also the struggles that her siblings faced. These cells are the basis for the discoveries of important scientific studies. If she had been in charge of the tissues that had been removed from her and had been declined them to be used in studies, none of these studies would have been possible. The novel raises many ethical issues and on how science is handled today. We should be able to control what happens to our tissues, the consequences, and benefits of donating tissues to science, should be something we have in thought in the day of age in healthcare and science. “Informed consent”, was not available years ago and as a matter of fact many patients have been a part…show more content…
Being the fact of this matter, thing will always be an issued between the people and the scientists. Understanding and communication is what is lacking on either side of the issue. Being more educated can contribute by not being in the category of not knowing what is being done to our tissues. On the issue, scientists need to be considerate in the matter of other people’s views, especially to those who aren’t educated in the world of science and biology. The Hela cells have protected my family from being exposed to the polio- virus. It is amazing that this discovery will have a major impact for years to come. But it is sad that Henrietta was unaware that her life and her children’s lives would be immortal and live on for many years to come. It is good that “Informed consent” is required now days, so that we are somewhat aware of the things that would be done while we are being examined and studied for cures and prevention of many other viruses. I would not mind if my name would become a legacy and an impact on saving other lives in the world. What an awesome new fact that I have learned, it’s the things we take for granted in our everyday lives that makes such a major deal and
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