Helen Chadwick's Provocative Art

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What is provocative art? The word provoke literally means to stimulate a reaction from the other person through their word or work. Provocative art is some work that is totally free of the taboo of restrictions, something that is not necessarily appreciated for the reality of it. The beauty of nature is appreciated and brought to light. Chadwick was one artist,whose entire work was provocative in some way or the other, instilling both negative as well as positive reactions in them. Chadwick was born on May 18, 1953 in Croydon in London, England. She studied at Croydon College of Art, The Faculty of Arts and Architecture Brighton Polytechnic and then at the Chelsea School of Art. Helen Chadwick was one of contemporary art 's most provocative and profound figures. A perfectionist who reveled in excess, Chadwick was the most important artist of her generation, and a crucial inspiration to a multitude of younger artists. She has often been identified as a feminist, with several of her works addressing the role and image of woman in society, especially in her postgraduate days and alongside her colleague and friend Elaine Shemilt. Her work often…show more content…
She found beauty in such matter and referred to it as nature. She used the components of nature, and brought out the beauty and ugliness, creating art to be inspired from. According to some critics, she was said to be "...the most important artist of her generation" The death of Helen Chadwick on 15 March 1996 at the age of 42, was said to have, 'robbed the British contemporary art scene of one of its most singular, colorful and influential figures’ according to some critics. I chose Helen Chadwick’s artwork which takes provocative art to a whole new generation. I took a variety of her paintings, and all of them seemed to be provocative in some way or the other. Her work stimulates the wildest of imaginations, combining nature and
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