Helen Hunt Jackson Interview Questions And Answers

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1.)Helen Hunt Jackson was very knowledgeable in the ways and conditions of the Cheyenne and Arapahoe indians. In the document Helen interviews the two different tribes about their encounters the U.S. government, army,and other american. Besides this, Helen gathered a lot of information from going to the Cheyenne and Arapahoes reservation. By getting her information directly from the Native Americans, Helen became very knowledgeable about Native American culture. 2.)The most severe danger the Indians faced was starvation. In the first paragraph Helen discusses how tribes who lived in the area before the Cheyennes over hunted. Causing the buffalo to run off, and not return. Being the most important animal in Indian culture, if the tribe couldn’t hunt…show more content…
After Cheyennes were captured, and they were forced to live under the command of Department of the Interior at Fort Robinson. The Indians would later escape, and planned to return home to the Dakota. The Cheyennes told the army that they would rather die than return south, since it was infested with disease. Then the army reported this to the Interior, and tried to make a deal between the Indians and the Interior. The Interior would reject this offer, and told them that the Cheyenne would have to return south. This is evidence proves that the army was more understanding of the circumstance of the Cheyenne, by asking the Interior about the situation the Indians were in. 5.)A Century of Dishonor striked positive a chord among readers, including U.S. Senators. The book was first to show about how terrible the Indians were being treated. The book highlighted the injustices that the Indian had faced. Many of the people back east were unaware of this. The media had presented the Native American as savages, which most people believed. After the release, some U.S. Senators were also informed on the topic and supported the
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