Helen Keller: A Confederate Civil War Veteran

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Helen Keller
The life of Helen Keller born June 27, 1880 to Kate Adams Keller and Captain Arthur Keller, A Confederate Civil War Veteran. Keller became ill at19 months of age this illness left her blind, deaf, and mute. At age six the Keller family has a break through with commutation. Captain Keller had hired a tutor name Anne Sullivan she herself was visually impaired. With the tireless efforts and support Helen was able to unlock the intelligence and perseverance Helen was able to go to grade school and even on to college and graduated from Gilman’s preparatory Cambridge School of Young Ladies and Radcliffe College (Both in Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Helen didn’t waste any time making up for lost time and making a name for herself. She was way ahead of the filed for women’s rights she was a woman that was one streak, the 2nd once she was disabled, she was born into a time where women were not to have a voice really and, she had two things bad going for her she was a woman and she was disabled. Keller became an advocate for equal rights. Helen Keller started a lifelong career from age 11 to 13 raised funds to aid her hometown. Keller raised funds to start a public library in Tuscumbia, Alabama her birth place at the age of thirteen her career in writing also take off doing this
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The unknown is so hard to deal with as a mother and as someone that has an illness. I am remember reading about Helen Keller in High School and, I remember even viewing the movie the Miracle Worker that same year in High School. I all ways wanted to know more but, I never knew I wanted to be like her cause, I just know the story of her break through putting the word water together with the feel of seeing it run over her hand. Giving back really means a great deal to me. My heart is for the veteran’s and their families in my area, I know five that live in three miles of my

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