Helen Keller Case Study

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3. The Nearest influence in the formation of the behaviour of Helen Keller Due to Arthur’s stubbornness in getting Helen aMs help, Helen suffers a lack of restraint, which leaves her wandering around the world in which she lives without aMs focus or discipline. With all of the attention focused on Helen and her baby sister, James (Arthur’s son from a previous marriage) is easily offended and suffers a great deal of inner turmoil. He usually displays his feelings in a sarcastic and frivolous way, which adds to the family tensions that already exist. He ends up being one of Annie’s strongest supporters, and he helps Annie prove to his father that she is indeed the right teacher for Helen. The result of Helen having been pitied for so long is her parents have ended up spoiling her. Helen has not ever been exposed to discipline until Annie entered the household. Annie helps Helen’s parents realize that it is better to do something for someone out of love, and not pity. Annie is strict with Helen, and the Keller’s feel as if Annie is mistreating their daughter. However, her so-called “mistreatment” of Helen leads to a great amount of progress in Helen’s behavior and well-being, and Annie is finally accepted by all members of the family at the end of the…show more content…
All instances of behaviour shown by Helen was not presented itself, but the attitude of the parents are very protective attitude that fosters Helen was not good. Helen Keller became a child who has a less good behaviour is influenced by family or closest person treatment. None of the people in the family home that could organize or Keller discipline Helen. This is due to all the people trying to know the action because he was the son of Helen persons with disability. Where as this growth phase is not affected by the physical state of a person, because at this stage with regard to the development of
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