Helen Keller Character Analysis

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4. How to overcome Helen Keller is Bad Attitude
Family Helen considers Helen was the son of a hard, dumb and won 't be able to learn aMsthing and be aMsthing. This shows that the family is not too helpful Helen Helen in prepare for entry into each phase in its development. Family, specifically mother Helen loves Helen and not bear to punish Helen although wrong. Rather thanpunish the guilty over his mother, Helen even give candy when Helen rampage if his wishes are not met.
It’s time to realize that the attitude and behaviour of Helen must be repaired and modified, then parents Helen decided to pay for a nanMs to guide Helen. The presence of Anne Sullivan changed the life of Helen who originally did not have a future, be a girl who had a bright
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Everyone should understand well their respective roles when dealing with a child who is experiencing growth. Special attention needs to be given to persons with disability. Because compared to children who are physically normal, children with disabilities disability has difficulty doubled. They should be understood and well understood without having to take over all the duties of their development. Children with disabilities disability should remain the task of its development on its own, with a little more effortand certainly support people around.
Therefore, Miss Sullivan understand very well how to cope with Helen. Annie shows determination and love. Determination is another prevalent theme in The Miracle Worker. Of all the characters, Annie Sullivan possesses the greatest amount of determination. The job she has been given at the Keller household is her first after leaving the Perkins Institution for the Blind, where she has lived as a student since she was a child. She is constantly at odds with Arthur and is challenged to prove herself to him, and even Kate and James are doubtful of her abilities at
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Because the family is the first to exert influence on the growth of children 's characters, then the families in this case parents need to learn things about the growth of a child. Parents should be able to help the children in passing through each process in the phase of their growth. Parents have to understand how far their interventions in helping a child in their development.
In the case of Helen who have special needs, then the parents should be extra in educating children and yet not excuse bad behavior. Despite the physical limitations, a child must be given full responsibility for carrying out the tasks of development. The intervention of the elderly should not be too much. Parents simply keep an eye on the development of children from far.
Parental participation in children 's activities, like outdoor exploration or reading books together, has been shown to lead to a more social child. Children who engage in play activities with their parents jump right into games when they start school and show more independent behavior in those situations. Having their parents show an interest in their activities develops a strong sense of self in the child. Bottom line parents really need to accompa children in every phase of their development without having to berintervensi too much of a good child in decision-making as well as in small businesses that kids do in trying to pass through a phase of their

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