The Contributions Of Helen Keller's Life And Work

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Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in a small town, Tuscumbia in Alabama. She was in fond of learning language very much. She learned five languages but its very difficult for her to learn language because when she was just 19 months old she suffered from a dreadful disease. Doctor declared that its hard to save Helen but one morning the fever left her as mysteriously as it had come. There was much rejoicing in the family but the happy days do not last long. One day When she got up from a disturbed sleep, she could see only very dimly. Each day the light grew dim and more dim. Gradually, she got used to the silence and darkness that surrounded her. With this disability Helen learned to function and interact with the society in a meaningful way. As a child she found the ways to help her mother in the house rather than stay in her own dark, silent, and lonely world. In 1900 she joined a Radcliffe college and became the first deaf blind person to get a ' 'BACHELOR OF ARTS ' ' degree. In her entire life she wrote 12 published books and several articles. She
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One day her mother was holding her in the lap after the bath then she was attracted by the shadow of dancing leaves on the smooth floor and slipped from her mother 's lap and ran towards them. Her mother was ultimate companion for her. Whenever her mother wished her to bring something she would run upstairs to bring it. Her mother loving care helped her during these days. She always do several things to help her mother. ARTHUR KELLER ( Her father) was a captain in the confederate army. Her father loved her a lot. He was also a great hunter. He was very hospitable and seldom came home without bringing a guest. He had a big garden where he raised watermelons and berries for her. He was a famous story teller and after she had acquired language, he used to spell into her hands his funniest anecdotes. He had died after a short

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