Helen Keller: A Deaf-Blind Hero

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The world consists of two types of people, the people who look for inspiration and the people who inspire. Inspiring people are heroes who help those that seem to be facing struggles in their lives. According to Merriam Webster (2013), a hero is a person who despite of their struggles is appreciated for their bravery, achievements, and unique qualities. A hero inspires people who doubt themselves to conquer their fears. Depending on what the hero has done, they may be known as ‘Stars’ or ‘idols’. A deaf-blind woman named Helen Keller was born in Alabama US. Keller became an author, political activist, and lecturer; she was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with the help of her teacher, Anne Sullivan (,…show more content…
Same as Keller, Sullivan became blind at the age of eight from trachoma, a bacterial eye disease. Since Sullivan was blind from a young age, she lacked reading and writing skills and the only option she had was working as a housemaid. When she knew of Perkins School for the Blind she left and enrolled there and she managed to connect with a few teachers and improve her learning, which led her to being the valedictorian of her class. After graduation was when She started teaching Keller. Sullivan’s teaching technique consisted of a strict schedule making Keller learn new vocabulary words everyday based on her interests. Anne Sullivan was the reason that Keller enrolled in the Perkins School because she wanted her to expand her learning abilities (Andries, McGinnity, Seymour-Ford, 2004). Due to Sullivan’s efforts, Keller’s success and outstanding progress made the school widely known around the country (Kim, 2007). Sullivan and Keller’s friendship developed, they were close friends for forty-nine years and Sullivan continued to help Keller in her learning. Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller were awarded honorary fellowships from the Educational Institute of Scotland and from Temple University in 1932 (Herrmann, 1998). In 1955 Sullivan was reserved an award from Harvard University and in 1956 a cottage at the Perkins School was named after Keller (Lash,
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