Helen Keller Persuasive Speech

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Building your empire? Know that every penny matters. Your superpower: the ability to find nifty solutions in order to cut corners. Taurus
You are you. That’s your superpower! When people try to put you down, smile your mysterious smile and move on. You don’t need to prove your strength to anyone. Gemini
It takes courage to say ‘no’. But you know that your time to move on has come. Trust the process, Gemini. Only good things can happen to you now. Cancer
You know ‘that feeling’ you have about something. Stick with it. Today brings with it an important lesson: you are exactly where you need to be. Your inner voice will always guide you to the right places. Leo
The best thing you can give yourself is the gift of authenticity. Start by being 100% honest with yourself. No watering down the truth. What are the things that feel inauthentic to you? Starting weeding them out of your life one by one. Virgo
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If you’ve been thinking about switching jobs or harnessing a project with better returns, trust that the right opportunity will present itself now. Libra
What if we all just want to love and be loved? Make time to nurture the bonds you have created with your family. Watch how they stand by your side with unconditional love and support. Scorpio
Oh, the infinite power of love! Your love! It was meant to be shared with the world. Sometimes the best thing we can do for the ones we love is tell them exactly how much we care. Open your heart, Scorpio. You have nothing to be afraid of. Sagittarius
Just because somebody in the past let you down, doesn’t mean everybody you meet has ill intentions. There’s a beautiful future waiting ahead of you. Allow yourself to love and be loved. Capricorn
Sometimes all it takes is hope. When everything around you is falling apart, remind yourself of the things that truly make you happy. Be the ray of light in the life
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