Helen Keller's Impact On The Deaf And Blind Community

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Imagine growing up in darkness. Or not being able to hear anything from your own breath to your loved one’s voices. Helen Keller was a girl who had to deal with both of those consequences. Yet she stood as a great role modle to people all around the world. Helen Keller has made a huge impact on the deaf and blind community.
June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia Alabama, a healthy baby girl, with the name Helen Adams Keller, was born into the world. But at nine-teen months Helen had been suffering with an unknown illness, that left her both blind and deaf. After that all the way till Helen was six she was a very angry child because she wanted to find a way to express her other feelings, yet didn’t know how. She kicked, screamed, and became a very wild and an unruly child. Until a couple months after turning six, Helen’s father and mother connected with Alexander Graham Bell, who contacted Ann sullivan. Ann would then become Helen’s teacher. In 1886 Ann started working with Helen and one month later as Ann was staying with
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By overcoming the obstacles being deaf and blind she became a well-known educator, a famous journalist, and a published writer. She also became the founder ACIU and earned her Bachelor degree in of arts. Helen Keller stood as a big role model because of her honor and accomplishments. She even got into the world wide women's hall of fame because of her accomplishment of her determination, hard work and imagination she worked her way up as the first deaf blind person to get earn a Bachelor's Degree in arts. Helen was also put on the Alabama state quarter because of her honor and respect. The in 1961 Helen started suffering many series of strokes. And seven years later, in 1968, Helen Adams Keller died at age 87. She died peacefully died in her sleep in her own home. Helen's funeral was held at National Cathedral Center in Washington and she was privately
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