Helen Pilcher Primate Evolution

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The article I have chosen was written by Helen Pilcher and is about evolution of creatures, especially for primates. However, until now, what do our very first primates were like still remain mysterious as we do not have sufficient information and evidences which are 60 million years ago. Yet, we still cannot deny that evolution occurs in creatures. No matter for humans, animals or plants, all of them will make changes because of their living habits and environment in order to survive. In this article, the author explains everything clearly about the primate evolution was taken around million years ago and ancestors are a small and nocturnal creature. Also, she explained several specific features of primate evolution with detail examples throughout the article.…show more content…
From the fossil teeth, we can infer that insects were not the only food for early primates, they also eat fruits as there are the presence of round molars which facilitate grinding. For instance, from the features of lions, we can see that they eat both meats and plats. In their teeth, there are both flat sharp molars. The flatter and rounder molars are for grinding grass fruits while sharper molars are for tearing meats. Also, by observing human fossil teeth, the flat and round molars enable them to grind plants and fruits. From this, we can see that our early ancestor mainly ate plants with a plenty of insects for food. In addition, the author mentioned that our hands have evolved for grasping things like flatter nails instead of claws as we do not have to climb up to tress to look for food or catch any insects. Human traits also have forward-facing eyes and larger brains than most of the
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