Helen Tucker Analysis

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My symbol
A symbol is something we use to represent someone we want to be or something we want to have. As Dick Gregory1 once said, “Everybody’s got a Helen Tucker, a symbol of everything you want”. For some people, it is easier to represent their symbol with a person they admire; for example, a member of their family, an important personality in their community or a famous artist. However, other people use things, such as, places, cars, a house, or any material thing. Regarding this, my symbol is represented by a person who I have admired since I have known him. My father represents all the qualities I consider important to have in life. He symbolizes an intelligent, hard-working and successful person, in every single aspect of his life.
My father is the representation of intelligence, for the reason that, he takes everyday-life problems, solve them and learns from them. Thus, being intelligent means to have the capacity of logic and understanding, to have emotional knowledge, and to have creativity and self-awareness. It is also to perceive or deduce information and to retain information as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within
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Life was tough for him, having to deal with poverty, an absent father, five siblings with whom he had to share food, clothes, and his mother’s attention, and a few other obstacles during his life; however, he never let anything stop him. Reaching goals, is all he wanted. His mentality is that everything in life is possible, it may just need extra work to get it, so he worked harder to achieve his goals. The first step in his career was a bachelor degree in biochemical engineering, continuing with a Master of Science. He certainly did every effort needed to reach his dreams, and taught me to work for mine and, more importantly, I should always do it the best way possible. In other words, we should always try to do better in life, to improve everything aspect of our
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