Helicobacter Pylori Research Paper

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Helicobacter pylori infection


Helicobacter pylori are a kind of bacteria which has the capability to infect around 2/3rd of the population all over the world. The name Helicobacter represent the spiral shape of bacteria (i.e. helico-as in the word for helicopter means - spiral).

Helicobacter pylori usually infect the person’s stomach, normally during childhood. While this infection of bacteria doesn’t cause harms in most cases, still it can cause diseases in few people.

For their survival in your stomach, the bacteria change the surrounding around them by lowering the acidity in order to survive. Their spiral shape allows them to penetrate your stomach protective lining called mucus; where your body’s immune cells cannot reach. Thus, bacteria can easily interfere with your body’s immune response to make sure they don’t get destroyed.
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The duodenum is the segment of gut coming from your stomach. The infection caused by H. pylori is also related with stomach cancer and gastritis (the inflammation in your stomach). Cause

H. pylori infections mostly spread orally from one person to another. They might also be spread from feces to mouth; for example, if a person doesn’t wash his/her hands properly after using the toilet. A person can also get infected by H. pylori through infected food or water. Children are more vulnerable to h. pylori infection because of lack of good hygiene. The risk for H. pylori infection is linked with your living conditions and environment. Risk is greater if you’re:

1. Living in a developing nation
2. Living in an overcrowded house
3. Sharing food and housing with people who’re infected with Helicobacter pylori; with no access to hot water in order to keep you clean and bacteria-free.

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