Helicopter Parent Involvement Analysis

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A helicopter parent is a parent who is hyper-involved in their child’s life. A Concerned Mother composed a complaint letter about the benefits of parent involvement. I oppose her notion because it distracts classrooms. Moreover, parent involvement prevents students from learning to handle their mistakes. Although a fraction of parents are present to assist the teacher, a majority of parent “volunteers” help with different intentions. To begin with, parent involvement distracts classrooms. Numerous students grow side-tracked with parents roaming around the classroom throughout the day. For example, in my previous school years, my mom volunteered at my school. When she arrived into the classroom, my classmates constantly observed her.…show more content…
If parents allow this to happen, their kids will undoubtedly execute the mistakes their parents shielded them from later in life, unaware of the consequences. Kids need to learn from their blunders the hard way, to assure they won’t make the same fault again, For instance, my mom always tells me when to begin my homework, but it makes me not want to do it. Likewise, Ron Goldblatt, executive producer of the Association of Independent Maryland Schools, emphasizes, “ is a real problem for a parent to work against their child’s independent thought and action…” (Strauss 1). As you can see, parent involvement only causes children to want to make the errors more. Last, parent involvement may be needed by schools, but not always. Some parents come to help the teacher. “volunteers” spy on their kids. For example, my mom volunteered to help the teacher. On the other hand, the Concerned Mother claimed “I...was present on campus nearly every day because I believed kids are more successful when their parents are heavily involved in their lives.” (1). Evidently, not all parents come to help the teacher. In conclusion, I disagree with the concerned mother’s opinion because because it is intrusive to classrooms. Parent involvement prevents students from acquiring the ability to deal with their mistakes. Last, some parents come to help the teacher, but a majority of parent “volunteers”
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