Helicopter Parenting Analysis

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Helicopter parenting is hyperprotective parents, who are focusing on their children more than expected.
The first text “What is Helicopter Parenting?” is written by Kate Bayless, who is a freelance writer specializing in parenting. The text provides an overall perspective of what helicopter parenting is, and why parents hover over their children more than needed. She is also simplifying the consequences of being helicopter parents and how it develops.
The second text gives another perspective on helicopter parenting, which is called “Why the Millennials’ Parents Will Continue to Stay Involved in Their Kids’ Lives at Work… and Why That’s a Good Thing” by Haydn Shaw, who blogs about generations. Shaw is clarifying that Millennials’ want their
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If parents are hyperprotective against their kids and involve in every decision, how can they learn to develop themselves? And on the other hand, what should parents do if their kids need help and are totally failing in life? It is very difficult to make a distinction between love for children and being a helicopter parent. It doesn’t mean that parents don’t love their children if they leave some of the decision to the kid, instead of controlling their lives and hover over them like a helicopter and keep them under continuous surveillance.
When we discuss this topic, parents may feel like they are caught between two stools, but it is better to loosen up than holding the rope tight. The kids must know how to handle a situation without help from parents.
Despite the disadvantages of being helicopter parents, it also has advantages, otherwise parents wouldn’t do it. In the older generations people didn’t help their children as much as now, and parents want to be a role model for their kids, which is very understandable. They help as much as they can, and children feel more comfortable about their lives, when someone who is experienced helps them.
Some people thinks that it is better to be a helicopter parent and some people don’t, and we can’t always see eye to eye when it’s about
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