Negative Effects Of Helicopter Parenting

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Helicopter parenting:Its negative impacts on children psychology

Parents have significant impact on their children's psychology;especially parents who protect their children too much affect their children’s psychology negatively.

Many researcher shows that parental involvement and protection are good support for children and it promotes positive outcomes in children's life.However,it is unclear that too much involvement is also good for children's development..The important point is the level of protection and level of involvement.In other words, problem with parental involvement appear to develop when parents fail to adjust their child rearing strategies to ensure they continue to be developmentally appropriate (Segrin,2012).Parent; who
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So the protection exceeds its purpose and it is called parental hovering.Although helicopter parents' hovering is typically well intentioned (kontrowitz &tyre,2006),scientific and anectotal evidence has linked intense parental involvement to several negative child outcomes.For example; researchers have impirically linked helicopter parenting to the following children's use of recreational painkillers and anxiety and depression medications.(le moyne& bunchanon,2011),diminish self-confidence,school engagement,and adult identity development/(podilla-walker&nelson,2012)Because helicopter parents don't allow their children to gain real life experiences.However they keep the children from experiencing good experiences and gaining self-confidence thanks to their own successes by trying to protect their children from dangerous or negative events.Children live in the world which is created by tehir parents.In this world there is no harm,no failure,no effort to achieve something.According to helicopter parents,even their children try to achieve something,they shouldn't sacrifice something from themselves.So children only learn this close life and what their parents gave.Because of parental fear,children are isolated from real world.That's why children don't be able to achieve maturity exactly.Children cannot grow up by taking responsibility.Or experiencing success/failure.There is evidence tht is unnecessary denies children the opportunity structures to experience healthy
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