Helicopter Rescue Research Paper

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Why do people put themselves and others at risk? Is it because they think other people should or have to save them? When they do that they put more at risk. People climb to see if they can accomplish the climb. They pay their life to try to climb it. Sometimes are too high. The text below will state that helicopters rescues are increasing on Everest, why Everest, and rangers killed trying to rescue others. In the beginning, the helicopter rescue are increasing on Everest. Other people say that if they get trapped on the mountain rescues should come and get them. Rescuers are risking their life trying to get people when they are in a risky spot. Paying two-million dollars is how much they have to pay for one helicopter. Half of the time rescuers crash rescuing people. Rescue choppers give…show more content…
Other people say it should be allowed for people to rescue them because it is their job. Do they know it puts more at risk? Source #4 states that calling for rescue people to come and see them puts them at risk. Two pilots went to help two people. They did trying to rescue them. Rangers are put at risk, because other people wanting to be rescued. I think it is their fault for trying to climb it. Adults and even children climb the mountain and that puts them and more at danger. With all these people calling for help to get to safety, the pilots are having difficult problems going back and forth. In conclusion, people should not have the right to rescue workers. It may be their job, but no one wants to put others at risk. It causes more money for one helicopters. Money goes down and pilots are in great danger. Sometimes people get to tried really quickly. When people climb the mountain they run out of water really quickly. People need to not climb the mountain, because it can be very dangerous. Putting more at risk is not a good idea. It is your fault for climbing that mountain and putting more in danger is not a good
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