Heliophobia Speech

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An overwhelming and unreasonable fear for a situation, activity, person or an object that do not actually poses a real danger can be called a phobia. In the event of exposure to such events, the person imagines an exaggerating danger and develops an irrational anxiety trying to compel the subject of fear completely. Most of the phobias do not greatly affect the people, some of them are inane, weird, surprising but some are really terrifying. Cutting to the chase, here is the list of 25 most bizarre and unbearable phobias in the world. 25. Venustraphobia- the fear of beautiful women: Scared of pretty women? Then you surely have venustratophobia. It is weird, but this kinda phobia exist. Men with this phobia literally freaks out when they…show more content…
The people with phobia shows aversion towards the workplace or doing any sort of manual work. It is one of the most difficult phobias to live in this social world. 16. Heliophobia- fear of Sun: The fear of Sun rays can be called Heliophobia. The heliophobics tend to live shrouded with darkness and would mostly be thought of as vampires or night owls. They have an uncanny fear for sunlight and hence they mostly restrict themselves to their houses during day times behind blackout curtains. 15. Ephebiphobia- fear of youth: You find many people around you who have persistent fear of teenagers or adolescents, mostly referred as a psychological fear for youth. People with this phobia move away, lobby against or try to do anything against youth to keep away. 14. Taphephobia- Fear of being buried alive: People with this phobia has a very serious fear of premature burial, that is they fear of being buried alive in the grave. It is said that the first president of United States of America had this phobia. 13. Sciophobia- Fear of shadows: Virtually, most of the horror movies portrays one or the other horrific scene by shifting shadows. When this on screen, anxiety shows in real life, it is Sciophobia. People with sciophobia are afraid of seeing their own
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