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Hello Arkham Community! My name is Joseph, or Joe/Joey for short! I 'm 15 and I 'm a current resident of MO, USA. I 'm a very kind, thoughtful person when it comes to other people and their emotions. I play marching snare in my high school band, my current occupation is life guarding, and one of my hobbies, of course, is pc gaming! I 'm currently Titan rank on the Arkham Network servers, and I plan upgrading up to at least SuperHero, maybe Batman, in the future! Whenever I don 't have band, work, or school, I 'm usually playing on Arkham for around 4-7 hours a day. I 'm very experienced with the server going on shortly over a year of membership. I will be going into 10th grade after this summer, or sophomore year, and I 'm a straight-A student with a 4.28 GPA. I plan on joining NHS, National Honor Society, and my schools A+ program to raise money for college. That 's just a little bit about myself, now on to the important details!…show more content…

I believe I would be a great addition to the staff team because of these reasons: Like I stated prior, I 'm a very kind person. I know when people are not feeling the greatest, or just need some uplifting. I 'm a very experienced Arkham member, I 've been playing the server for shortly over a year, as previously stated. I 'm also very experienced with basic-intermediate server plugins. Such as but not limited to: Worldedit, World-Guard, Essentials, Essentials-GroupManager, and a few other basic server plugins!

Although I haven 't been staff on any well-known Minecraft servers, I 've been Moderator, Owners, and Co-Owners of a few 10-15 player servers. Many people know me around the servers and I 'm always conversing with my friends around me! I 'm always willing to help others if they have questions, and I can 99% guarantee I can help them myself, or I can send them in a direction to get help from another. I would love to become an addition to the Arkham Network Community staff team, and be a greater help to
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