Hello Dolly Analysis

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The thing that is interesting about the score for Hello Dolly is personally I think it is one of the most memorable scores written for the theatre. The best thing about that score is you can leave humming almost every single song from that show. One song that I was impressed with was “Before the Parade Passes By”. What I love most about this song is that this song is the key moment in Dolly’s life where she decides she is going to rejoin human race and learn to love again. I love how there is a marching beat that is very similar to a march of a parade. Jerry Herman did a fantastic job of that nostalgic feeling of watching a parade and how it slowly comes up from the street and then once it’s finally in your lap you feel that crescendo of joy.…show more content…
I love this piece because it ends the first act on such a high positive note and is a great precursor to the title song. Another song I enjoyed was “Hello Dolly”. “Hello Dolly” is the big show stopping number. It is Dolly’s triumphant return to where she belonged. I love Dolly’s soft vocal line in the beginning of the song but as soon as the waiters come in they make her feel at home, she becomes more at ease and joins the waiters in this big bold brassy sound. The waiters could not be happier to see her and you could really hear it in their vocal parts. The repeats in the music adds more to the character of Dolly and her personality. The finale of this song, where you hear the slow key change in the music is so epic. All of the waiters are all singing and dancing across the stage in harmony, it is so big, and grand it really shows that Dolly is here and she will never leave again.…show more content…
Hello Dolly’s style of music is very of its time. Hello Dolly takes place where the 19th century is changing to the 20th. It is a traditional Broadway score with very melodic songs and optimistic lyrics. This score redefined the American musical theatre art form. The only song that is my least favorite is the “Finale”. “Hello Dolly” is such a terrific song when song sung by Dolly and the waiters but honestly I just did not prefer it sung by
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