Hello Kitty Character Analysis

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Hello kitty, the small rounded cartoon cat with a red bow between her ears and no mouth is a popular cartoon character made in 1974 by a young Tokyo based company of Japan called Sanrio. The designer asked IKuku Shimziu to invent a cartoon animal who would appeal to the preteen girl in everyone. Till now, the characters made by Snario were bear and a dog. Snario needs a character to decorate a plastic coin purse. Hello kitty is very sweet, charming and energetic little lady. She loves to play in park and also love cooking. In her family, there are five members including her. His father name is George who is very funny member of the family and makes his family laugh. He is employee at a trading company. George is very hardworking man and a trustworthy person. Her mother name is Marry. She is very kind-hearted. She is very caring and loves cooking. Apple pie made by her is kitty favourite food. Mimmy who is kitty twin sister is strongly attached to kitty. They both use to play together. Kitty grandfather name is Anthony who loves to paint and tells long stories to kitty and her sister. He also knows a lot of neat details and her grandmother name is Margaret who likes to do embroidery and is known to be a excellent pudding master.
Hello kitty becomes very popular all over the world. After the plastic coin purse, things like towel, stationary, clothing, laptops, mobile covers also started selling in the market with the stamp of hello kitty brand. The fast food chain Mac
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