Hell's Angels: A Strange And Terrible Saga

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“The candidate in question was Joe Edwards, a 29-year-old lawyer who had gained some notoriety the year before when he defended a group of hippies who'd been arrested for "vagrancy" in town. Edwards argued that the arrests were part of a pattern of institutional bias in Aspen wherein those who looked different were hassled by the local police force and its magistrate, Guido Meyer. He challenged Meyer's "unconstitutional" sentencing of beatniks and eventually had him remove from office” (Sophie Gilbert). My idea was to help Edwards run for mayor in the city. As the campaign went on it looked as if Edwards would win. I then thought, he could do his part in politics as the sheriff so, I decided to run for it. Unfortunately Edwards lost by six votes, but this did not discourage myself from my campaign for sheriff. I used a symbol of a hand with four fingers and two thumbs clutching onto a button. Which was supposed to represent a sheriffs badge. “His platform, detailed in Rolling Stone, called for the streets of Aspen to be ripped…show more content…
One of my most successful is Hell’s Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga. To research Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga, I had to insert myself as one of the gang members. I had to keep track of their road ally’s, their homes, and every part of their lives inside the gang. I wrote the book to show the gang in my point of view. While still showing how bad of a group they are and being honest about it. My second book that I have written is the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. This book is the best known book I have written. This book provided a true example of what ‘Gonzo’ journalism really is. It is about the failure for the author to report for a mint 400 motorcycle race and National Conference of District Attorneys Seminar on Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. It is a story of adventure and hallucinations. The way that I can look at, it is a fantasy for me rather than a true set of
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