Helmet Persuasive Speech

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The Intro

Hands up if you have ever ridden a bike without a helmet before. P I have! Did you know that almost three-quarters of fatal crashes (74%) involved a head injury because people were not wearing helmets? P People die from head injuries. Each year 720 people die and that is just cyclists. A car hit our old PE teacher, Mr Hair and the helmet saved his life. That is how big of an impact helmets make when you are riding or doing something that requires a helmet. P

Here is an example for you: Imagine you are at the skate park doing some tricks and you are having a great time. Until you fall off your skateboard and hit your head on the ground, you wake up in a hospital bed with your family standing around you. P

The Main Part

When I was in year two I got home from school, I was going on my pogo stick with no helmet. I was bouncing and I did not see that there was oil on the ground of the garage and I slipped on it. I was concussed; P I think I was because I only remember that I was in the car with a tissue in
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P In addition, if you go skating or cycling try to show example to everyone, why not we be the leaders. P Did you know it is actually illegal to ride a bike without a helmet if you are court then you might have a fine of $185. There are many foundations out there, but one I like the best is The Amy Gillett Foundation. It is a national organization with a mission to reduce the serious injury and death of bike riders in Australia. Founded in 2005 because Amy Gillett was bike riding in Germany and she died because a car hit her. They work with the Australian government and other organizations like VIC roads. Currently they are trying to make having to be a meter from cars a law in Australia so less accidents from cars P. If you wish to contact them to find there next event or donate so they keep helping then go onto these. Show the contacts on the
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